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Meet the Bella Salon Team, from left to right, Casey Lyons, Allie Pharo, Amy Semken, Phyllis Gates, Jenny Davis, Heidi Steinle, Roxanne Dickle, Annie Witkowski.

Welcome to Bella Salon, a preferred hair salon in Wilmington NC. We opened our doors over five years ago with a fun, casual and relaxed atmosphere for men, women and children.

Bella Salon provides a wide array of salon services. From hair to makeup to skin care, the experts at Bella Salon are eager to assist you in maintaining your current look or in helping you develop a new and exciting change. Each of our stylists is trained to help you find a look that is suited to you according to your face shape, skin coloring, hair texture, and lifestyle. Many people resist getting a new look because they have become used to the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain their current style. Because most of us live very busy lives, we are hesitant to add anything to our morning ritual that might take extra time and trouble. The hair stylists at Bella Salon in Wilmington are here to help you with a new look that fits your lifestyle.

Bella Salon provides a variety of beauty treatments for women of any lifestyle and age. Today’s the on-the-go woman, balancing a career and family, spends most of her time looking after others. Come in to Bella Salon and let our experienced stylists give you the attention you deserve and don’t often get in your busy life. At a more settled period of your life? Come let the experts at Bella Salon cater to your every desire. With a full range of services, you can enjoy the attention as we focus on assisting you with your hair and skincare needs. Bella Salon offers hair cutting, styling, and coloring, along with waxing.
In today’s world, men are becoming more and more in tune with developing a healthy routine for skin and hair care. Bella Salon provides expert service in the latest hairstyles and skincare products for men. Whether it’s a new hairstyle or some assistance with “manscaping”, Bella Salon has the experts to assist any man with his appearance needs. Bella Salon offers services in facial waxing for those men who want a more polished, neater look as well as those who may want complete hair removal.

We can provide a perfect event for your child’s birthday or other special occasion with a beauty party appropriate for her age group. Why not plan to bring in your child and group of friends for the makeup tips or hair styling options? Bella Salon can arrange a fun event for your child, whether she is just starting to show an interest in her appearance or she is looking for a new look as she progresses through the teenage years.

Why not plan to bring in your whole family for some pampering time? Bella Salon provides a wide variety of services that would appeal to any member of your family. From hair styling, coloring and cutting to facial waxing, your family would find something to enjoy at Bella Salon. With our busy schedules it’s often hard to find time for families to do something together. You can find that opportunity with our stellar offerings here at Bella Salon in Wilmington NC.

Bella Salon proudly uses and is a certified reseller of Lanza Healing hair care products. We also use Matrix and Paul Mitchell hair care and styling products. Be sure to ask about our current retail specials.

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  • Casey Lyons
  • Allie Pharo
  • Amy Semken
  • Phyllis Gates
  • Jenny Davis
  • Heidi Steinle
  • Roxanne Dickle
  • Annie Witkowski

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