Pre-teen Girls Day Out

We all love to be pampered! But with today?s busy lifestyles, often times we just don?t

take the time.

Bella Salon, in Wilmington, offers a wide array of services to choose from for the entire

family. Aside from the usual women?s hairstyling, coloring and skincare, Bella?s has

something special for the younger girls. What a fun time for your pre-teen birthday or

other special occasion or just a ?girls day out? to have a beauty party with a group of her

friends. Age appropriate of course. What better way to teach them some beauty tips

about makeup and hair styling, before they do all that experimenting on their own. Bella

Salon will arrange what will be a fun event for your child, guaranteed, whether she has

begun to take an interest in her appearance or is just wanting a new look. This is a

recipe for a great afternoon of fun with her girlfriends.

Let?s not forget the guys. Many men have begun to do ?manscaping?. Bella Salon in

Wilmington has experts to assist in many services for the men in our life. If you are

looking for a more polished look, Bella Salon offers facial waxing and complete hair

removal as well as the usual stylish haircuts for men.

Bella Salon in Wilmington offers expert coloring, hairstyling and attention to skincare

needs. Bella Salon uses Matrix and Paul Mitchell haircare products and is a certified

reseller of Lanza Healing hair care products.