Perfect Holiday Hairstyles

You?ll arrive in style with our favorite holiday hairstyles. Pajamas and t-shirts? Sure! Messy or nappy bun? Now, we can?t have that? Here are our top five favorite holiday hairstyles sure to leave your audience begging for more.

Holiday Hairstyles

Low, Textured Ponytail

This pony tail, as its name suggests is short in length with a healthy, added amount of loose curls. Tie the ponytail off with a neutral hair band and you?ll have yourself a super simple yet gorgeous hairstyle that?s easily incorporated into holiday dress.

Twisted Low Bun

This is another favorite of ours. This seamless and easy-to-do hairstyle will draw attention towards your face while simultaneously highlighting your face?s features. Add earrings to give this look extra pop.

Rockettes Holiday Twist

This holiday classic incorporates Christmas decor into the bun to give your style a festive twist. We like to incorporate holly tree branches or, if we?re feeling ambitious, light Christmas ornaments into the bun.

Sleek and Slick

This hairstyle is extremely simple – that is, if you have super straight hair! Otherwise, take a straightener to your hair until you acquire the correct aesthetic. Take a small amount of styling gel and apply evenly throughout your hair before slicking it back. This look is aggressive, but it is also sexy if pulled off correctly.

The Free Fro

Ditch the perms and hair extensions. This is for all the ladies with beautiful, natural fros. This hairstyle is timeless and it stays in alignment to holiday themes.

Bella Salon is dedicated to bringing our customers the most in-style, fabulous looks. Book an appointment today and we promise you holiday hairstyle will be a hit!