Getting the perfect blowout

Getting the perfect blowout seems like an impossible task. Smooth, shiny, beautiful hair comes at a price – but here at Bella Salon we like to empower our clients with the absolute best hair-keeping tips.

Hair blowout

It starts in the shower

What we do with our hair in the shower is often an afterthought – but hair experts agree that a good blowout starts with positive shower habits. After you’ve shampooed your hair, pay close attention to your conditioner. Most women do not properly rinse all of the conditioner from their hair while showering. This leftover resicue will ruin your blow-dry job. Speaking of blow drying, keep the nozzle away from your hair. This is supposed to be blown out hair, not crème brûlée.

Drying is an art

The first step of drying hair is NOT the hair dryer – it’s the towel. In the case of the proper blowout look, dry your hair initially with a shammy instead of a regular towel. This dries your hair without putting excessive stress on your hair’s more delicate strands. Then generously apply heat protection spray to both detangle and add shine (and protect, of course!)

Separate your hair

Take a comb to and separate it into several sections around your head. Working in small areas like this will allow your hair a polished look. Adding velcro rollers to your hair while it dries also aids in giving it more volume.

Dry shampoo is your secret weapon

Preserving your hair’s blowout ends with applying a gentle dry shampoo. Slowly work it into your roots to absorb excess oil.

Here at Bella Salon our passion is in hair and body care. To learn more about our salon and our philosophies, see this page where we discuss our love for hair care.