Hair Color Tips

Coloring your hair can be expensive and time-consuming, especially for the color to eventually fade. Unfortunately, color fading is unavoidable and even the most vibrant colors will lose their luster over time. Protecting your hair color is essential in getting your money?s worth. In this blog, we?ll discuss ways to keep your hair color lasting.

Hair Color Tips

Shampoo less

Stylists advise against washing your hair for at least two days post-color treatment to allow the color to absorb fully into your hair. After that, shampooing less often can help aid color retention. The natural oils created by your scalp will naturally condition your hair and allow color to stay longer. Other shampooing tips also help retain color like opting for cooler water rather than hot water when shampooing.

Condition more

Conditioner, like the natural oils created by your scalp, help to create a natural moisture that traps color in your hair. Each time you shampoo your hair, make sure you condition too.

Use products specific to color

Many shampoos and conditioners will specify their use in color retention. Keep an eye out for labels that incorporate this information.

Avoid chlorine

Unfortunately for us water-lovers, chlorine must be avoided at all costs with color treated hair. This can be avoided by keeping conditioner in your hair before getting in the water or by wearing a hair cap. If left unprotected, the chlorine can shift beautiful, vibrant hair to a muddied brown or green.

Go to a reputable salon, like us!

At Bella Salon, we pride ourselves on providing the best service to our clients by using the best products. Unlike other salons, we take time to educate ourselves on the most up-to-date hair treatments.