How to Choose a Hair Stylist

Choosing a stylist is not as cut and dry as  some people believe. There’s schedules, styles, experience and personalities to consider. Thankfully, there are several resources available to make the decision easier. In this blog we will explore how to choose a hair stylist that best fits your needs.

Social Media

Most hair stylists have social media accounts on Facebook or Instagram where they showcase their latest styles. If you are considering a particular stylist, ask them for their Instagram. Chances are they will have one just for hair styling. Instagram has allowed hair stylists a new and dynamic way to build their portfolios.

Special Experience

Many stylists specialize in a particular type of hair whether that be ethnic or old. These are important questions to ask if you have a specific type of hair.

Dress to Impress

How does the stylist look? Are they dressed professionally or are they rocking sweatpants and a sloppy bun? You should never trust a stylist with the health of your hair if they seem not to care about their own. Aside from physical appearance, take note of how the stylist communicates, too. A good stylist should be a good listener, and they should also be in-tuned to social queues. Empathy and presentation instill confidence that they are not only professional, but approachable too.

Ask Around

Google Reviews and other online anecdotal experiences only go so far. I find that asking a trusted friend or family member about their experience with local stylists to be the most trustworthy resource. Those close to you will also know what you consider important in a stylist.
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