Bridal hair ideas

Finding the perfect dress can seem like an impossible task. But what about the perfect hair? Choosing the perfect style becomes easy with the Bella Salon. Bridal hair ideas have become increasingly intricate as hair technologies advance, making the choice all that more exciting (and difficult). Here at Bella Salon, we understand the struggle and will work with you in choosing the perfect style.

Here are some of our favorite bridal hair ideas to swoon your partner and wedding crowd alike.


Classic Up Do

Bring fire to the dance floor with this classic up do. Garnish with a jeweled hairpiece or flower to bring this style to life. The classic bun can be customized in countless ways making the possibilities endless!


Ballerina Bun


Photo by: Happily Ever Borrowed on Heart Love Weddings

The ballerina bun is a rigid, yet elegant variety of hairstyle. This hairstyle is often adorned with a diamond comb to give it an extra, regal flair.





Short Hairstyles

Photo by: Candice Benjamin

Photo by: Candice Benjamin

Women with short hair can enjoy the luxury of beautiful styles with minimal effort. Accessories pop into place with ease and curled ends stay bouncy from morning to night.


Beautiful Braids


Photo by: Hair and Makeup by Step

Braids gives the bride a whimsical look. A flower crown gives this loose up do









Want something cut and curled to your own specifics? Bring in a photo of your dress to Bella Salon and we?ll create a custom bridal hair style just for you! Our experienced stylists will have you saying “I do”.