When it comes to makeup, the Wilmington Bella Salon experts have your best looks in mind. Have you ever had the experience after being made-up by professionals, of being left with a look that didn’t suit your lifestyle? Heavy, dramatic makeup with blue eye shadow and overly plucked brows is fine for that retro 60s party, but most women today want more of a natural look. Woman are juggling family, work, and other activities and often don’t have the time or inclination to fuss with a lengthy makeup routine. Many young women today wear little or no makeup, and when it comes to a special occasion, such as a wedding or prom, they are at a loss when it comes to knowing how to enhance their natural beauty in a way that suits a formal portrait or the special day itself. At Bella Salon, our stylists are dedicated to giving you the look you want, that emphasizes your natural gifts, without making you look and feel overly made-up.

Bella Salon stylists will talk with you about what makeup look you are going for. They will work with you, offering their expert opinions based on the event you are attending, the time of day it occurs, and the level of formality of the event. Then the Bella Salon stylists will look at your skin tone and condition, your comfort level with the amount of makeup you wear, and will even consider what you will be wearing for the event. They will help you choose a makeup style that suits your individual needs, desires, and the time you want to spend applying makeup. You may find you want a natural makeup look which lightly enhances your facial features, using colors that naturally exist on your face with just a slight boost to focus on your natural beauty. The natural makeup look is great for brides. If it’s makeup for an evening event that you want, Bella Salon stylists can give you that bold, sassy look with a little more dramatic edge, perfect for proms. Maybe you want a makeup styling that will help you feel and look younger. The stylists at Bella Salon know about the types of makeup that help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that form as you age.

Whatever your makeup needs are, the professionals at Bella Salon of Wilmington are dedicated to helping you find your own personal style. Today’s makeup experts will tell you that following the latest trends or fads is not the way to go—doing it your own way is! Think about your own needs, and discuss these with your stylist at Bella Salon. Together you can decide what look is best for you and what makes you feel about yourself. Whether it’s the natural look or the dramatic you want, the goal of Bella Salon’s stylists is to help you find a way to express yourself as an individual and feel beautiful while doing it!

Besides makeup for that special occasion, don’t forget that Bella Salon of Wilmington has all your salon needs covered with hair care services and facial hair waxing as well. Visit our beauty salon services page for a complete price list of how we can make you more beautiful!

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