Hair Care

Haircuts for women, men, and kids: Bella Salon stylists keep abreast of the latest in hair styles and techniques for all ages and genders. They can assess your hair texture and decide what technique to use that best suits you. For example, slide cutting is a technique that is used for people with curly or coarse hair and helps soften facial features. Razor cutting can be used for thick hair to add curl and bounce. Layering, point cutting, and graduation are other techniques that the stylists at Bella Salon can expertly perform.

Styling and Setting: At Bella Salon, our stylists will look at your facial shape and work with you to find a hair style or set that flatters you. If you want a short haircut, which softens facial features and gives you more styling options, our hair experts will help you determine how your hair texture would work with short styles. Short cuts can give you more volume, or you might want to try the sleek bob style that is so popular today. Texturing sprays and powders can be used to give your hair more definition and distinction. Maybe you want a medium length style, which is incredibly versatile. Shoulder length hair can be sleek, framing the face or given body with a layered cut. You also have the option of wearing your hair down, pulled back, or up. For longer hair, wavy with a little curl is the latest trend. No matter what length hair you have, the professionals at Bella Salon will help find the style that is perfect for you.

Coloring and Highlighting: If it’s color or highlighting you’re looking for, Bella Salon is the place to come. Following the current trends, stylists at Bella Salon will give you subtle, textured color and highlights, using tints that go with your complexion. Stylists can also tell you about lowlighting, which is where slightly darker colors are placed near the base of your hair. Lowlights add texture to your hair in a soft and elegant way and look especially good with short hairstyles. If you want a dramatic new look, Bella Salon stylists can do that too, even using streaks of bold colors like purple, pink, or red.

Perming and Straightening: Bella Salon stylists offer both perming and hair-straightening services. Perms today are very different from the perms during your grandmother’s generation! The inner structures of your hair are gently broken down, and when your hair is placed around a curler, your hair is bent into a new shape. The chemicals used in today’s perm solutions are much gentler than in the past and can bring moisture and shine to your hair as well as curls! Have curly hair you want straightened? Bella Salon experts can do that too! Since trying to straighten your hair at home, using chemicals or flatirons, can easily damage your hair, come to Bella Salon and let trained professionals give you straighter hair that looks healthy and shiny.

Facial Waxing

Facial hair removal can be more difficult than eliminating unwanted hair from your legs and other areas of your body. You want the least irritating process for this sensitive skin. The staff of Bella Salon can assist you in eliminating unwanted facial hair with waxing of the eyebrows, over the lip, and other parts of your face. For men, waxing can offer a neater, cleaner look to hairlines, eyebrows, and beards and mustaches. The results of waxing last much longer than shaving or other facial removal techniques, so you can feel attractive and sleek for a greater length of time!


Bella Salon would love to pamper you on those special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and proms. Come in and let the salon’s stylists give you a lovely updo or make up for that important event. Today, most women trust salon professionals to create a look for them for their weddings and other special events. The last thing you want to do before these happy events is worry about doing your makeup and hair. From the classic bridal makeup style of subtle, pastel shades to a dramatic look for your prom, Bella Salon stylists can supply it all, from hairstyles to makeup, for an unforgettable appearance on your special day.

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Price List

The following are base prices and the actual pricing may vary based on each customer’s specific need.

  • Ladies Hair Cut
  • Men’s Hair Cut
  • Kid’s Hair Cut
  • Shampoo & Style
  • Shampoo & Set
  • Formal Styling/Updo
  • Bridal Updo
  • Cut & Color
  • Partial Highlights/Haircut
  • Full Highlights/Haircut
  • Straightener
  • Perm
  • Eyebrow Waxing
  • Chin Waxing
  • Upper Lip
  • Makeup Application
  • Bridal Makeup